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We've got the goods!
     Inviting people to your board to get traffic is one thing, but do you have the goods? I strive to provide content that people are looking for and also continue to improve upon the board as I see fit. Running a bulletin board is not easy and it takes up a lot of one's extra time. As a sysop (System Operator), I have to be passionate about what I do or else why do it? The content that I carry must appeal to the masses and my involvement in the board goes a long way with my users. I love hearing feedback about how to improve the online experience on Ink Two BBS including comments of the artwork and menu system.

People get bored quick and I must continually update the place. Ink Two BBS carries some of best message networks including FidoNet. We host 100s of door games that include some from DoorParty, BBSLink, Combat Net, and Black Country Rock game servers. There are several local door games including ones that are interbbs. Our file section is abundant with programs, artpacks, code compilers, bbs software/utilities, and so much more. There are custom mods that I created to provide information about currency exchange rates, current updates from a few news providers(CNN, Fox News, Associated Press, and Reuters), movie ratings(by Andrew Haworth), online chats (Mystic Relay Chat, and IRC).

The Message Networks
Message Networks provide connectivity to other BBS systems allowing for interbbs gaming, community building, and for sysops to share thoughts and ideas with each other. Ink Two BBS carries several message network with different topical themes. Take a look around and join in on many interesting discussions.

Network Node #
  ArakNet (invite-only) 10:101/1
  AgoraNet (ACiD) 46:1/183
  CyberNet 40:200/24
  DORENet 40:100/15
  FidoNet 1:218/501
  FSXNet 21:2/110
  PiNet 314:314/5
  RetroNet 80:774/35
  SportNet 24:160/2
  ZeroNet 911:1626/0

"ArakNet Boards" ANSI by The Knight<Fuel> and Nail<B7>
     Ink Two BBS is a distribution site for several underground art scene groups. This board is a distro for Fuel, Blocktronics, Impure, Mistigris, and Blender Comp packs. Once the packs are out they're usually on Ink Two BBS the same day.